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Federated reads matching is a feature that allows the live matching of license plate reads from federated sites against hotlists available on Federation™ host. This feature makes it unnecessary to share hotlists with federated sites to raise hits.

The ALPR Manager role uses hotlists to raise hits against license plate reads by the ALPR units to identify vehicles of interest. These hotlists must be created and maintained locally in every Security Center installation. In a system without the federated read matching configured, if the Federation™ host needs to raise a hit against its hotlist, it would need to share its hotlist with every federated site.

Instead of having to share the hotlists between host and sites, the Federation™ host can configure the federated reads matching feature on every ALPR Manager role that has the matching property activated. With the federated reads matching feature, the ALPR Manager role on the Federation™ host can receive reads from federated sites and raise hits against hotlists defined on the Federation™ host in real-time.

The state police department (PD) has implemented a Federation™ system that includes all the city police departments and local Sheriff's offices of that state. The state PD and local PDs have their own hotlists.

The state PD wants to keep its hotlists confidential, but also raise hits from federated sites. By enabling the federated reads matching feature, the state PD can assign a unique ALPR Manager role on the Federation™ host to receive reads from the corresponding federated entities. Every time a license plate is read by the federated site, it matches against both the Federation™ site and host hotlists, and raises hits accordingly.