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A parking facility is a type of entity that defines a large parking area as a number of sectors and rows for the purpose of inventory tracking. It is used in the AutoVu™ Mobile License Plate Inventory (MLPI) application.

The license plate inventory is the list of vehicles present in a parking facility within a given time period.

Before AutoVu™ MLPI units (patrol vehicles and handheld devices) can collect license plates for the inventory, you must define their collection route as a sequence of sectors and rows configured in the parking facility. The sector and row where a license plate is read represents the location of the vehicle inside the parking facility.

Security Center collects license plate reads from the MLPI units and creates an inventory for the current date. Using Security Desk, you can find where a vehicle is parked (sector and row) and how long it has been parked there in the current inventory. You can also compare two inventories on different dates to view the vehicle movements (vehicles that were arrived, moved, or left).