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A server is a type of entity that represents a server machine on which the Genetec™ Server service is installed.

IMPORTANT: Server names must be 15 characters or fewer. Security Center truncates all server names longer than 15 characters, causing errors when the system tries to access those servers.

Server entities are automatically created when the Security Center Server software is installed on a computer, and that computer is connected to the main server of your system.

Main server

The main server is the computer that hosts the Directory role. All other servers (expansion servers) on the system must connect to the main server in order to be part of the same system.

You can have only one main server on a Security Center system.

Expansion servers

An expansion server is a computer that you add to your system to increase its overall computing power. An expansion server must connect to the main server, and can host any role in Security Center, except the Directory role.

You can increase the computing power of your system at any time by adding more expansion servers to your pool of resources.

Genetec™ Server service

The Genetec™ Server service is a Windows service that is automatically installed when you install Security Center Server on a computer.

Security Center Server and the Genetec™ Server service must be installed on every computer that you want to include in the pool of servers available for Security Center. After the Genetec™ Server service is installed, you can change its password and other settings using the Server Admin web application.