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Import tool is a tool that allows you to import cardholders, cardholder groups, and credentials from a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

The CSV file must be plain text with delimiters (commas, spaces, periods, and so on) to separate the fields. The delimited fields in the text files would represent values like first name, last name, cardholder group, path and filename of employee photo, and so on.

The Import tool Security Center license must be enabled in your system for this tool to be available. The Import tool privilege is also required to launch this tool.

You can use the import tool on a schedule, using the Import from file action.

How you can use the Import tool

You can use the Import tool to do the following:
  • Import credentials alone:
    • Credential name
    • Card format
    • Facility code
    • Card number
    • Status
    • Credential activation date
    • Credential expiry date
    • Partition
  • Import cardholders alone:
    • Cardholder name
    • Description
    • Picture
    • Email
    • Status
    • Cardholder activation date
    • Cardholder expiry date
    • Custom field
    • Cardholder group
    • Partition
  • Import cardholders and credentials together (in this case, the cardholder and the credential are specified on the same line and automatically linked together).
  • Replace old credentials with new ones

Limitations of the Import tool

If you are importing multiple cardholders who are members of different partitions, and there is either no cardholder group or only one cardholder group specified in the CSV file, the imported cardholders are added to all the partitions.