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The Media Router is the central role that handles all stream requests (audio and video) in Security Center. It establishes streaming sessions between the stream source (camera or Archiver) and its requesters (client applications). Routing decisions are based on the location (IP address) and the transmission capabilities of all parties involved (source, destinations, networks, and servers).

The Media Router ensures all video streams use the best route to get to their destinations, while performing any necessary transformation (for example, from unicast to multicast, or from IPv4 to IPv6).

The Media Router role has a default RTSP port of 554, and its redirectors have a default RTSP port of 560 and a default RTP port of 5004. Archiver roles have two default RTSP ports: 555 and 605. If the Media Router, redirector, and Archiver are hosted on the same server, each of these ports must be unique.

If multiple Archiver roles are created on the same server, they must each have different RTSP ports. Otherwise, the role entity turns yellow and an Entity warning event is generated.

Only a single instance of the Media Router role is permitted per system.