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A twilight schedule is a type of schedule entity that supports both daytime and nighttime coverages. A twilight schedule cannot be used in all situations. Its primary function is to control video related behaviors.

Benefits of twilight schedules

Twilight schedules are designed for situations where the sunlight has an impact on the system’s operation, such as video settings and recording. Some typical uses of the twilight schedules are the following:
  • To record video only during daytime.
  • To boost the video encoder’s sensitivity after sunset.
  • To disable motion detection during twilight.

Limitations of twilight schedules

Twilight schedules have the following limitations:
  • They cannot be used in any situation involving access control entities.
  • The entity the schedule applies to must have a geographical location setting, such as video units and ALPR units.
  • The Weekly option for date coverage is not available.
  • The All day and Range options for time coverage are not available.
  • They are not visible in contexts where they are not applicable.