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Unit synchronization is the process of downloading the latest Security Center settings to an access control unit. These settings, such as access rules, cardholders, credentials, unlock schedules, and so on, are required so that the unit can make accurate and autonomous decisions in the absence of the Access Manager.

A unit is synchronized for the first time when you enroll it to your system. The Access Manager through which the unit is enrolled automatically takes care of this process. Only the settings necessary for the unit to make autonomous decisions are downloaded. When synchronizing a unit, the Access Manager knows how much memory the unit has, and fills it with as much information as it can handle.

The Access Manager roles automatically synchronizes the units assigned to it when a change is made in Security Center. For HID units, you can configure the synchronization to occur periodically, or only on request.

You can request a manual synchronization at any time if you suspect that a unit is not perfectly in sync with the system by going to the unit’s Synchronization tab in Config Tool, and clicking Synchronize now.

While the unit is synchronizing, the synchronization icon () appears over the unit and the entities it controls, such as doors, elevators, and zones.
IMPORTANT: All synchronization errors are displayed in yellow. Pay attention to these errors to avoid any disruption in the operation. For example, HID VertX units are limited to 65,000 credentials. Exceeding this limit causes the synchronization to fail and the unit to reset.