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This section lists the settings found in HID access control unit Properties tab, in the Access control task. This tab lets you update the connection parameters after the HID unit has been discovered, such as the logon credentials, and the usage of certain specific inputs.

Connection settings

This section shows the connection parameters for the Access Manager to communicate with the unit. These settings are initialized when the HID unit is added to your system. Do not change these settings unless you changed them on the unit through the unit’s web page or using the HID Discovery GUI after the unit was enrolled, or one or our representatives instructs you to do so.
Username and password
Username and password used to log on to the HID unit.
Use translated host address
Select this option when there is a NAT router between the unit and its Access Manager. The NAT router’s IP address that is visible from the unit would be set here.
Static IP
Select this option and configure the IP address, Gateway and Subnet mask manually if the HID unit uses a fixed IP address (recommended).
Select this option if the HID unit will be assigned its IP configuration by a DHCP server. When using the DHCP option, the DHCP server must be configured to always assign the same IP address to the unit.

General settings

This section displays the general settings of the HID unit.
Server mode
This option is always greyed out because HID units do not support server mode.
Secure mode
Enabling secure mode disables the insecure protocols FTP and Telnet. It also makes the connection between the Access Manager and HID units less susceptible to network impairments. This option is only available if the HID unit meets the firmware requirement for secure mode.
Monitor AC Fail
Select this option if the AC fail input is being used to monitor AC failures or for some other general purpose.
Monitor battery fail
Select this option if the Battery fail input is being used to monitor the backup battery or for some other general purpose.
Reader supervision
Select this option to enable reader supervision (ability to detect reader disconnection or power loss in Security Desk and Config Tool). For this feature to work, all readers connected to this HID unit must be configured for supervision. You must also enable the supervision mode on each physical reader by presenting the HID configuration card.
(Only if Reader supervision is selected) Timeout used to detect that the reader is offline. We recommend that you set the timeout value to be at least three times the cycle time of the I'm alive signal (default=10 seconds) configured on the reader.