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This section lists the settings found in HID access control unit Synchronization tab, in the Access control task. This tab lets you configure the type of synchronization you want between the unit and its Access Manager.

Last update
Indicates the date and time of the last successful synchronization with the unit.
Next update
Date and time of the next scheduled synchronization with the unit.
Configuration expires on
Depends on whether temporary access rules are used or not.
  • If no temporary access rules are used: Indicates the date and time when the unit can no longer fully function independently of the Access Manager. This is due to the limited scheduling capability of the HID access control unit. You need to synchronize before the expiration date to ensure that the unit works properly on its own.
  • If temporary access rules are used: Indicates the date and time the next synchronization should happen based on the rule activation and expiration date and time of the temporary access rules.
HID VertX units expire after one year. Past the expiration date, the unit stops working properly.
Click this button to send everything that changed since the last synchronization to the unit. This operation may cause a short service disruption if there are changes to door unlock schedules.
Synchronize and restart
Click this button to send the full configuration to the unit and restart the unit. This operation will cause service disruption.

Synchronization options

You can select how frequently you want the unit synchronization to occur.

This is the recommended setting.

Any configuration change is sent to the access control unit 15 seconds after the change is saved by the Config Tool, Web Client or Security Desk. Only configurations that affect that particular unit are sent.

The unit is synchronized daily, at the specified times.
The unit is synchronized weekly, at the specified day and time.
The unit is only synchronized when you click Synchronize now.

Make sure you synchronize the unit before the configuration expires.