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After you have created a parking zone in the AutoVu™ Free-Flow system, you can add the parking zone entity to an existing map, or create a new map to display the zone. Doing this allows operators to view the occupancy of the parking zone in the Security Desk Maps task.

What you should know

  • A parking zone can be represented on the map as a position marker, a polygon, or both. Each representation serves a different purpose:
    • Clicking the marker displays the parking zone occupancy and number of violations in a pop-up.
    • Clicking the polygon jumps to the map assigned to the parking zone.
  • You can add a drill-down view to a map so that the operator can, for example, click a multi-level parking lot to have a view of each parking level.


To add a parking zone to a map as a position marker:

  1. Open the Map designer task and select the map that includes an image, for example, of the parking lot or of the geographical region.
  2. From the Entities toolbar, click Area view ().
  3. Click the parking zone in the list and drag it onto the map.
    The parking zone marker () appears on the map.
  4. In the Map designer toolbar, click Save ().

To add a parking zone to a map as a polygon:

  1. Open the Map Designer task and select the map that includes an image of the parking lot.
  2. From the Shapes toolbar, select Draw polygon.
  3. On the map, click the corners of the parking lot to draw the polygon. Double-click to close the polygon.
    Tip: After you finish drawing the polygon, press Shift and click to add or remove points on the border of the polygon.
  4. Click Unassigned in the Identity widget and select the parking zone that you want to assign to the polygon.
  5. In the Map designer toolbar, click Save ().
    If a map is assigned to your parking zone, then clicking the polygon on a map in Security Desklinks you to that map.