Adding cameras and officers to the Wearable Camera Manager role - Security Center 5.9

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You can create a new officer, assign a new camera to an existing officer, or modify officer-camera relationships from the Wearable Camera Manager role. Officers are automatically added when there is video to upload from body-worn camera that have no assigned officer.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have a valid body-worn camera license (Part Number: GSC-Om-X-1BWC).

What you should know

  • Redundant archiving or failover is not supported when using body-worn cameras.
  • For a list of body-worn camera devices that are supported by Security Center, see our Supported Device List.
  • When using the Axis body-worn camera solution, creating officers and associating to a camera must be done on the Axis W800 SCU web page. The Axis body-worn camera solution automatically updates the Wearable Camera Manager role with the latest information.
  • The upload process begins automatically when a camera is connected to the body-worn camera docking station.
  • If the body-worn camera has not previously been configured, the camera is created automatically with the serial number of the camera device. In this situation, the officer (wearable camera user) is created at the same time.
  • If the officer is automatically created, the officer's Name is the same as the Camera serial number.
    NOTE: The Camera device and assigned officer can be modified. Choose names that can be used to help you track and find your imported video.


To add cameras manually:

  1. Add a camera:
    1. In the Cameras section of the Hardware page, click .
    2. In the Camera dialog box, enter the serial number and name, then click OK.
      IMPORTANT: Enter the correct serial number. This serial number is used to match a device from the serial number in the upload request and the serial number in the Wearable Camera Manager role's Hardware tab.
  2. (Optional) Click to modify a previously saved camera.
  3. (Optional) Click to delete any camera that you no longer require.
  4. Click Apply.

To add officers manually:

  1. Add an officer:
    1. In the Cameras section of the Officers page, click .
    2. In the Officer dialog box, enter a name and click OK.
  2. (Optional) Modify a previously saved officer.
    1. Select an Officer and click to jump to the selected entity's configuration page and make the required changes.
  3. (Optional) Delete an officer.
    1. Select an Officer and click to jump to the selected entity's configuration page.
    2. Select the Officer in the area view and click .
  4. Click Apply.