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When Security Desk operators need to monitor a large geographic area with many entities, creating a drill-down view can make it easier for the operator to manage the area. This can be especially useful when managing parking zones.

What you should know

In the following example, we will create a drill-down view from the city level, to a multi-level parking lot, to a parking level within the parking lot.


  1. In Config Tool, open the Area view task and create the areas needed for the drill-down.

    This example uses the following areas:

    Airport parking (added as an Area entity)

    Multi-level parking lot (added as an Area entity)

    Parking level 3 (added as an Parking zone entity)

    Parking level 2 (added as an Parking zone entity)

    Parking level 1 (added as an Parking zone entity)

  2. To add maps to the areas, in the Identity tab for each of the areas, click Create map and add a map of the area.

    This example uses the following area maps:

    Airport parking Multi-level parking Parking levels
  3. Create map links to drill down through the areas. For this example, we are drilling down from the airport parking map, to the multi-level parking map, to the parking level map.
    1. In the Map designer task, open the Airport parking map.
    2. Using the Vector tools, draw a polygon over the multi-level parking lot.
    3. From the Links widget, assign the multi-level parking lot area to the polygon.
      NOTE: You can select a color for the polygon from the Color and border widget.
    4. To display the occupancy of each parking zone on the map, in the toolbar, click Area view (), and drag each of the parking zones onto the map. The parking zones appear as polygons on the map. You can select a color for each polygon and use the Add text () tool to identify the parking zone.
    5. In the Map designer toolbar, click Save ().