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Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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You can add expansion servers to your system at any time to increase the overall computing power of your system.

What you should know

An expansion server is any server machine in a Security Center system that does not host the Directory role. The purpose of the expansion server is to add to the processing power of the system.

Every Security Center system requires its own pool of servers to run the system’s functions. You must ensure that enough computing power is available for your system to carry out its required functions.


  1. Install Security Center Server on the computer that you want to add to the server pool.
  2. Connect that computer to the Security Center’s main server.

    The main server is the one that hosts the Directory role. This is done with the Server Admin through a web browser.

  3. Open Config Tool on any workstation.
  4. From the home page, open the Network view task.

    The server you just added should appear in the network tree. The name of the server entity should match the domain name of the server.

  5. Select the new server entity, and click the Properties tab.

    If the server is used as the proxy server for a private network protected by a firewall, set its Public address and Port as configured by your IT department.

  6. Click Apply.


You can now assign roles to the server.