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If you are defining a custom Wiegand card format, you can add parity checks to strengthen the validation of your credentials.

What you should know

The order of the parity checks in the Parity checks list is important. It corresponds to the order in which the parity checks are evaluated. The mask of a subsequent parity check can include the parity bit of a previous parity check and their masks can overlap.


  1. In the Custom card format editor, click Add an item () under the Parity checks section.
  2. In the Parity checks dialog box, select the Type of parity check (Even or Odd).
  3. In the Parity bit field, type the position of the parity bit in the card format (starts at 0)
  4. In the Mask field, type the bits that should be evaluated.

    The syntax must match the Wiegand data field mask values, but the order of the bits is not important.

  5. Click OK.

    The parity check is added in the Parity checks list.