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Security Center 5.9
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When you are configuring properties of a hotlist or permit, you can select whether users are allowed to edit the list using the Hotlist and permit editor task in Security Desk.

What you should know

To edit a hotlist or permit list in Security Desk, users must have the Hotlist and permit editor privilege.
IMPORTANT: Please note the following about the Hotlist and permit editor:
  • Only the first 100,000 rows of a list are loaded into the Hotlist and permit editor.
  • If an error occurs while the hotlist is being loaded, the loading process is canceled and an error message is displayed. However, you will not lose any of the data loaded before the error occurred, and you can still edit the data loaded into the editor.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, do one of the following:
    • Click ALPR > Permits, and select the permit to configure.
    • Click ALPR > Hotlists, and select the hotlist to configure.
  2. Click the Properties tab.
  3. Switch the Visible in editor option to ON, and click Apply.