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The archive database in your Security Center system stores a video catalog and events. Each Archiver role and Auxiliary Archiver role in your system maintains an archive database.

The archive database stores the following types of information:
  • A catalog of recorded video footage.
  • Events describing the recording activities, such as when recording started and stopped, and what triggered the event.
  • Events associated with the recorded video footage, such as motion detected, bookmarks, and occasional metadata.
  • Events related to the archiving process, such as Disk load is over 80% and Cannot write to any drive.
For Archiver roles, the default name of the database is Archiver. For Auxiliary Archiver roles, the default name of the database is AuxiliaryArchiver .
IMPORTANT: A separate archive database must be configured for each server assigned to the Archiver role or Auxiliary Archiver role. Because of this requirement, it is a best practice to host the archive database locally on each server. When two or more archiving roles are hosted on the same server, you must assign a different database to each role instead of using the default one.