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This section lists the settings found in the Badge template Badge designer tab, in the Access control task.

In the Badge designer tab, you can design and modify badge templates. In the Badge designer, there are different tools you can use to edit a template.
In the Tools section, there are six graphical tools you can use to edit the template:
Select tool
Use to click and select an object on the template.
Rectangle tool
Use to draw a square/rectangle on the template.
Ellipsis tool
Use to draw circles/ovals on the template.
Text tool
Use to insert text on to the template.
Image tool
Use to insert a picture on to the template.
Barcode tool
Use to insert barcodes on to the template.
In this widget, you can choose whether the image displayed on the badge uses a cardholder picture or an image from a file, and whether the image should be stretched or not.
In this widget, you can add cardholder fields, as well as edit the text, the text color, and the text alignment.
Color and border
In this widget, the following options are available:
Use to modify the fill color of an inserted object like a square or oval.
Use to modify the opacity of an inserted object.
Use to modify the border color of an inserted object.
Border thickness
Use to modify the thickness of the inserted object’s border.
Size and position
In this widget, you can choose where the text or image is located on the badge, and its width and height.
Properties ()
Opens the Format dialog box, where you can select from the following card sizes and orientation.
  • CR70
  • CR80
  • CR90
  • CR100
  • Custom card size
  • Orientation. You can choose Landscape or Portrait orientation.
Import ()
Import a badge design that was previously exported from Config Tool as a badge template (BDG formats only).
Export ()
Save the current badge design to a BDG file so it can be imported to another system.
Cut ()
Delete the selected item on the badge template.
Copy ()
Copy the selected item on the badge template.
Paste ()
Paste the copied item onto the badge template.
Send to back ()
Send the selected item to the background of the badge template.
This option is helpful if you want to have a background image on the badge.
Bring to front ()
Bring the selected item to the foreground of the badge template.