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This section lists the settings found in Cardholder configuration tabs, in the Access control task.

Cardholder - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can view the cardholder’s personal information and status. Additional information might be found in the Custom fields tab, if custom fields are created for cardholder entities.
First name
Cardholder’s first name. If the software language (chosen at installation) is latin-based, the Name field is configured as the first name followed by the last name. This order is reversed if you are using an Asian language such as Japanese or Chinese.
Last name
Cardholder’s last name.
Email address
Cardholder’s email address, used for automated actions associated to the cardholder (send an email).
Use extended grant time
Grants the cardholder more time to pass through doors where the Extended grant time parameter is configured for a door. Use this option for cardholders with reduced mobility.
Bypass antipassback rules
Exempts the cardholder from all antipassback restrictions.
Security clearance
Cardholder’s security clearance level. A cardholder’s security clearance level determines their access to areas when a threat level is set in Security Center. Level 0 is the highest clearance level, with the most privileges.
Inherited from parent cardholder groups
The cardholder’s security clearance level is inherited from the parent cardholder groups. If the cardholder is part of multiple cardholder groups, then they inherit the highest security clearance level from the parent cardholder groups.
Set a security clearance level for the cardholder.
Set their status to Active or Inactive. For their credentials to work, and for them to have access to any area, their status must be Active.
Displays the date when the cardholder was activated.
Set an expiration for their profile:
Never expires.
Specific date
Expires on a specific date and time.
Set expiration on first use
Expires a specified number of days after the first use.
When not used
Expires when it has not been used for a specified number of days.

Cardholder - Picture tab

In the Picture tab, you can assign a picture to the cardholder.