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Security Center 5.9
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This section lists the settings found in the Cardholder group Properties tab, in the Access control task.

In the Properties tab, you can view and configure the members of this cardholder group, and configure their common properties. Additional information might be found in the Custom fields tab, if custom fields are created for cardholder groups.
Group available for visitors
Set this to ON if this group will be used for visitors
Email address
Email address for automated actions associated to the group (send an email).
Security clearance
Security clearance level for the cardholder group. A cardholder group’s security clearance level determines their access to areas when a minimum security clearance level is required on areas by setting a threat level in Security Center. Level 0 is the highest clearance level, with the most privileges.
Inherited from parent cardholder groups
The cardholder group’s security clearance level is inherited from their parent cardholder group. When multiple parent cardholder groups exist, the highest clearance level is inherited.
Set a specific security clearance level for the cardholder group.
Define the cardholder group members using the and buttons. Both individual cardholders and other cardholder groups can be members.