Configuration changes logged by the Security Center system - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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All configuration changes are logged by the system. You can investigate those changes with the Audit trails report.

The following table outlines the change descriptions you can expect from the Audit trails report.
Modification type Description
Entity creations Entity created: <Entity name at creation>.
Entity deletions Entity deleted: <Entity name at deletion>.
Membership modifications
  • <Entity> is now a member of <Group entity>.
  • <Entity> is no longer a member of <Group entity>.
NOTE: <Group entity> can be an area, a partition, a cardholder group, or a user group.
Access rights modifications
  • <User or User group> gained access rights to <Partition>.
  • <User or User group> lost access rights to <Partition>.
Privilege modifications Value of <Privilege> changed from <Old value> to <New value>.
Property modifications Value of <Property> changed from <Old value> to <New value>.
NOTE: Not all property modifications are described with before and after values.
Role activations/deactivations Value of Active state changed from <Old value> to <New value>.
Map modifications
  • <Entity> has been added as a link to map <Map entity>.
  • <Entity> has been removed as a link from map <Map entity>.
  • <Entity> setting modified.
  • <Camera entity> setting modified to Motion on/off.
  • <Camera entity> setting modified to Recording on/off.
  • <Zone entity> state settings modified.
  • Map layers added/removed (<layer(s)>)
  • Georeference modified.
  • Default view modified.
  • Background modified.