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If the PTZ motor is not integrated with your camera on the video unit, you need to configure the PTZ motor separately before you can control it in Security Desk.

What you should know

Some PTZ motors support the following additional commands:
Zoom in on an area by drawing a box on the video image using your mouse. This works like the digital zoom for fixed cameras.
Center the camera on a point of the video image with a single click.
Enhanced zoom
Zoom in or out to a specific zoom factor (absolute value) using the slider available in the tile. For example, you can move the slider to 10x and it will keep its position when released. When Enhanced PTZ is disabled, the zoom factor is not available and the slider returns to its center position when released, similar to a joystick used to pan and tilt a camera.

When these commands are enabled, they replace the normal pan, tilt, and zoom commands when controlling the PTZ in Security Desk.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task.
  2. Select the camera to configure, and click the Hardware tab.
  3. Switch the PTZ option to ON.
  4. From the Protocol drop-down list, select the protocol used by the PTZ motor.
  5. Beside the Protocol field, click to set the Idle delay, Idle command, and Lock delay options.
  6. From the Serial port drop-down list, select the serial port used to control the PTZ motor.
  7. In the PTZ address box, select the number that identifies the PTZ motor on the serial port.
    This number is important because it is possible to connect more than one PTZ motor on the same serial port. This number must correspond to the dip switch settings on the PTZ hardware.
  8. To enable the enhanced PTZ commands (zoom-box, center-on-click and enhanced zoom), switch the Enhanced PTZ option to ON, and calibrate the PTZ coordinates.
  9. Click Apply.

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