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You can configure a redirector to use different network cards for specific actions. For example, you can specify that export and video transfer only be performed by your wireless network card. You can also assign multiple public addresses to the same network card to take advantage of multiple network options.


  1. Open the System task, and click the Roles view.
  2. Select the Media Router, and click the Properties tab.
  3. From the Redirectors list, select the redirector you want to configure and click Edit the item ().
    The Redirector configuration window opens.
  4. Beside Redirection strategy, click Advanced ().

  5. Click Add ().
  6. In the Usage dialog box, select the network card you want to configure.

  7. Enter the RTSP port (control channel) and the RTP port (data channel).
  8. Enable the actions you would like to assign to the selected network card. You can choose from the following:
    • Live
    • Playback
    • Export/Trickling
    IMPORTANT: You cannot add the same network card and port combination twice; the network card and port number combination must be unique. For the same network card, both port numbers must be different.
  9. To configure multiple public addresses for the same network card, click Add public address override ().
    This configuration might be necessary if a standalone Security Center system is installed on a moving vehicle, such as a train or a bus. The system on the vehicle is federated by a central system at the main terminal. When the vehicle is away from the main terminal, the central system communicates with the remote system through the cellular network. When the vehicle is near the main terminal, the central system switches to the Wi-Fi network because it is cheaper and has a higher bandwidth.
  10. Click Add () to add public addresses.

    IMPORTANT: If you decide to override the public address of the redirector configured in Server Admin, ensure the following:
  11. Click OK.
  12. (Optional) Change the network card priority.
    1. In the Redirector configuration window, select a card from Network card list.
    2. Click the or buttons to move it to the top or bottom of the list.

    In the example illustrated in the screen capture, the redirector is only equipped with one network card. If live or playback video is requested from that system, the Media Router will always try the Wi-Fi network first, followed by the LTE network, followed by the 3G network. For video export and trickling, only the WiFi and LTE networks can be used.

  13. Click Save > Apply.
    • To edit the settings for a network card, select it from the network card list and click Edit the item ().
    • To delete a network card, select it from the network card list and click Delete ().