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You can modify your permit configuration settings after a permit entity has been added to Security Center.

Before you begin

Create the permit.

What you should know

The source text file must be located on the ALPR Manager computer’s local drive (for example, the C drive), or on a network drive that is accessible from the computer hosting the ALPR Manager.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, click ALPR > Permits, and select the permit you want to configure.
  2. In the Identity tab, enter a Description for the permit, and click Apply.

    You can add a longer description for the permit. This field does not appear in Genetec Patroller™.

  3. In the Properties tab, enter the Path on the computer where the permit list’s source text file is located.

    If you start typing a path to a network drive, the Username and Password fields appear and you’ll need to type the username and password to access the network drive.

    NOTE: The Windows credentials you enter must have read/write access to the hotlist file.
  4. If the attribute fields in the source text file vary in length, switch the Use delimiters option to ON, and enter the type of character (delimiter) used to separate each field.

    By default, Use delimiters is set to ON, and the delimiter specified is a semi-colon (;). If your source text file is made up of fixed length fields, set Use delimiters to Off . Security Center supports the following delimiters:

    • Colon (:)
    • Comma (,)
    • Semi-colon (;)
    • Tab (type “Tab”)
    IMPORTANT: If your source list file uses Tab as a delimiter, only use one Tab space. Do not use more than one Tab space to align columns in your file, or Security Center might not be able to parse the permit list.
  5. Decide whether users are allowed to edit this permit in Security Desk.
  6. Configure the Attributes for the permit list’s text file so that Genetec Patroller™ can parse the information in the list.
  7. Click Apply.