Configuring the Genetec Patroller™ entity in Security Center - Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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From the ALPR task, you can configure sound management, acknowledgment buffer settings, and a hit delay for the patrol vehicle.

What you should know

  • When you select the Genetec Patroller™ entity that you added to Security Center, you cannot modify the computer's settings in the computer's Properties tab.
  • Information about the computer hosting the Genetec Patroller™ entity under Properties cannot be modified.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the ALPR task, and click Roles and units.
  2. Under the ALPR Manager, select the Genetec Patroller™ entity you want to configure, and click the Properties tab.
  3. Under File association, configure how hotlists and permits should be used.
    Inherit from ALPR Manager role
    Genetec Patroller™ uses the hotlists and permit lists associated with its parent ALPR Manager. This is the default setting.
    Associate specific hotlists or permit lists with the Genetec Patroller™ unit rather than the ALPR Manager. If you move the Genetec Patroller™ entity to another ALPR Manager, the hotlist or permit list will follow.
  4. Under Sound management, configure Genetec Patroller™ to play a sound when reading a plate and/or generating a hit, and choose whether sounds should be played even when the application is minimized
    Play sound on hit
    Plays a sound when Genetec Patroller™ generates a hit.
    Play sound on read
    Plays a sound when Genetec Patroller™ reads a plate.
    Play sounds even when minimized
    Play sounds even if the Genetec Patroller™ window is minimized.
  5. Under Acknowledgment buffer, specify a buffer restriction that limits how many hits can remain unacknowledged (not accepted or rejected) before Genetec Patroller™ starts automatically rejecting all subsequent hits. You can also choose (by priority) which hotlists should comply with this restriction
    Reject count
    How many unacknowledged hits are allowed.
    Reject priority
    When you create a hotlist entity, you can specify a priority for that hotlist. This setting tells Genetec Patroller™ which hotlist(s) should comply with the buffer restriction.
  6. Under Hotlist and permit, specify the Duplicate hit delay that tells Genetec Patroller™ to disregard multiple hits on the same plate for the duration of the delay. For example, if you set a delay of 10 minutes, no matter how many times Genetec Patroller™ reads the same plate during those 10 minutes, it will generate only one hit.


The Genetec Patroller™ entity is configured in Security Center. The settings will be pushed to the Genetec Patroller™ running on the in-vehicle computer the next time it connects to Security Center.