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Security Center 5.9
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Before you to can follow an individual through a facility, you must create links between your cameras so you can easily switch to those video streams.


  1. Open the Area view task.
  2. Select a camera and click Analytics > Visual tracking.
  3. Create shapes on the video image:
    1. Select the Rectangle () or Ellipse () drawing tool and draw a shape.
    2. Resize, reposition, and rotate the shape using your mouse or using the Size and position fields.
    3. Set a color, opacity, border color, and border thickness for the shape.
    We suggest color-coding your shapes for different objects on your system, such as exit cameras in red, PTZ cameras in green, and so on.
    Tip: If you like the dimensions of your shape, you can copy and paste the shape to use it again. You can also copy the shape and use it for another camera.
  4. Link cameras to each shape:
    1. Select a shape and click Entities () in the toolbar.
    2. Drag a camera from the area view onto the shape.
      The camera name is listed in the Links section. If you link multiple cameras to a shape, Security Desk users must select which camera to jump to.
  5. Click Apply.


Watch this video to learn more.