Consolidating video archives after the Archiver failover - Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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If your primary Archiver server goes offline and failover occurs, after the server restarts you can consolidate video archives for the period it was offline. To do this, use the archive consolidation feature to duplicate the video archives from the secondary or tertiary Archiver on the primary Archiver.

What you should know

By default, the primary Archiver server checks every hour for video archives that can be consolidated from the secondary or tertiary servers. Archive consolidation is performed on all cameras controlled by the Archiver.

If archive consolidation is enabled and you change the primary Archiver server, archives that are missing from the timeline of the new primary server are copied from the secondary and tertiary servers, if the archives are available.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task, click the Roles and units view, and select an Archiver.
  2. Click the Resources tab, and then click Advanced settings.
  3. In the Advanced settings dialog box, switch the Enable archive consolidation option to ON.

  4. Click OK > Apply.
    The archive consolidation feature is enabled, and a Default consolidation transfer group is created. If the primary Archiver server fails and restarts, video archives from the standby servers are transferred to fill in the gaps every hour, if archives are available.
  5. (Optional) To see the Default consolidation transfer group and its transfer settings in Config Tool, do the following:
    1. Open the GeneralSettings.gconfig file that is found in the Security Center installation folder.
      The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.9 on a 64-bit computer and C:\Program Files\Genetec Security Center 5.9 on a 32-bit computer.
    2. Add the following line of code:
      <archiveTransfer ViewArchiveConsolidationTransfer="true" />
    3. Save the file.
    You can now see the Default consolidation transfer group from the Archive transfer page in the Config Tool Video task.
  6. (Optional) If you want to change the video transfer settings, do the following:
    1. Open the Video task, and click the Archive transfer view.
    2. Double-click the Default consolidation transfer group.
    3. In the Transfer group properties dialog box, enter a new name for the group in the Name field.

    4. In the Recurrence option, select how often you want the transfer to occur.
    5. In the Allow n Simultaneous transfers option, select the number of cameras for which to transfer video from simultaneously.
    6. Click Save.