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To have the inputs on one Synergis™ unit trigger output relays on other Synergis™ units (even when some, or none of them are connected to the Access Manager), you must create an I/O zone in Security Center.

Before you begin

What you should know

An I/O zone allows you to program the I/O linking behavior on multiple Synergis™ units, with one unit designated as the master unit. All units must be managed by the same Access Manager. An I/O zone can be armed and disarmed from Security Desk as long as the master unit is online.


  1. Open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity () > Zone.
  3. In the zone creation wizard, enter a name and description for the zone.
  4. Select the area this zone is part of in Location, and click Next.
  5. In the Zone information page, click I/O zone.
  6. From the dialog box, select the Synergis™ unit that will play the role of master unit among its peers, and click OK.
    The master unit is the Synergis™ unit that you select to do I/O linking. Once your choice is made, it cannot be changed after the I/O zone is created.
  7. Click Create > Close.

After you finish

Configure the I/O zone.