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Security Center 5.9
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You can group fixed, PTZ-enabled, and federated cameras into a camera sequence, so they are displayed one after another in Security Desk tiles.

What you should know

The cameras in the camera sequence list are displayed in the same order in Security Desk.


  1. Open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity () > Camera sequence.

    A new camera sequence entity () appears in the area view.

  3. Type a name for the camera sequence, and press ENTER.
  4. Click the Cameras tab, and click Add an item ().
  5. From the Camera drop-down list, select a camera to be part of the sequence.
  6. In the Dwell time box, set the amount of time the camera is displayed when cycling through the sequence.
  7. From the PTZ command drop-down list, choose what action the PTZ camera will perform when it is displayed in the sequence.
    This option is only for PTZ-enabled cameras.
    Move the PTZ camera to a preset position.
    Start a PTZ pattern.
  8. From the PTZ auxiliary drop-down list, configure the switch number and the state to set it to.

    This option is only for PTZ-enabled cameras that support auxiliary switches.

  9. Click Save > Apply.
  10. If necessary, add additional cameras to the sequence.
  11. To change the order of the cameras in the sequence, use the and buttons.
  12. To remove a camera from the sequence, select the camera, and click Remove the item ().
  13. Click Apply.