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Security Center 5.9
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To control access and monitor access control events related to elevators, you must create elevator entities in Security Center.

Before you begin

Make sure you have all the hardware required to control the elevator, installed the reader in the elevator cab, and wired the reader to the interface module connected to the access control unit.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity () > Elevator.
  3. In the elevator creation wizard, enter the elevator name and description.
  4. From the Location drop-down list, select the area in which the elevator will be created, and click Next.
    NOTE: Unlike doors, elevators are not treated as access points to areas. Nevertheless, each elevator floor is an access point on its own.
  5. Enter the number of elevator floors, and click Create.
    The default floor entities are created.
  6. To change a floor name, select the floor, and enter a new name.
  7. Make adjustments if necessary, and click Next.
  8. Review the Creation summary, and click Create > Close.
    The new elevator appears in the area view with its floors. It initially appears in red until it is fully configured.
  9. Select the output relay settings for the elevator floor.
    The output relay settings affect how you will wire the unit.
  10. Describe the physical wiring between the access control unit and the elevator to Security Center.
  11. Select who has access to the elevator floors.