Creating event-to-actions for ALPR events or hotlist events - Security Center 5.9

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To make sure that some vehicles are granted access to the parking facility, and that other actions are taken for unknown or scofflaw vehicles, you must create event-to-actions that are triggered based on License plate hit and No match events generated by Sharp cameras.

What you should know

  • For fixed SharpX systems, you can configure event-to-actions to control the inputs and outputs of the ALPR Processing Unit. ALPR Processing Units are generally enrolled under the ALPR Manager, however, in order for the outputs to be selectable when creating event-to-actions, you must also enroll the ALPR Processing Unit under the Archiver.
  • When you assign a hotlist to an ALPR Manager, all Sharp cameras controlled by the ALPR Manager can match against the hotlist and trigger the event-to-action. When you assign a hotlist to an individual Sharp camera, only that specific Sharp camera can trigger the event-to-action.


  1. Open the System task, and click General settings view.
  2. Click the Actions page, and click Add an item ().
  3. From the When drop-down list in the Event-to-action dialog box, select the event type License plate hit or No match.
  4. From the From drop-down list, select a hotlist.
    The From and For fields can contain either a hotlist or a Sharp camera, and you do not need to fill both fields. For example, to create an event-to-action that is triggered when a hit is detected for your regular employees hotlist, no matter what camera it is detected on, select the regular employees hotlist in either the From or For field and select Clear selection for the other field so that it appears as Any entity.
  5. From the For drop-down list, select the Sharp camera to which you want to assign the hotlist.
    NOTE: Select the Sharp video unit, not the individual cameras (for example, Camera - 01) under the unit.

  6. Select the Action and attributes for each type of event.
    • For License plate hit events, select Trigger output, and then select the Output relay and Output behavior required to grant access to the parking lot (for example, open a gate).
      • X1, X2, X2M, or X4M ALPR Processing Units: Include two normally closed output relays which are not configurable.
      • X1S, X1SU, X2S, and X2SU ALPR Processing Units: Include two normally closed mechanical output relays (Relay 1 and 2: 30 VDC, 8 A max, external fuse required) and two normally closed opto-isolated output relays (Relay 3 and 4: 30 VDC, 0.25 A max).
      • SharpV: Includes two normally open, dry, opto-isolated output relays (30 V / 100 mA).
    • For No match events, select the action you want Security Center to take. For example, you could send a message to a particular Security Center user, or use another Trigger output action to activate a security intercom at the gate.
  7. In the Effective option, click Always, and select a schedule when this event-to-action is active.
  8. Click Save.