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Security Center 5.9
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You can create a overtime rule entity in Security Center Config Tool. After you create the entity, you must configure its settings for your enforcement scenario.

What you should know

You can use overtime rules for both City Parking Enforcement and University Parking Enforcement.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, click ALPR > Overtime rules, then click Overtime rule ().
  2. In the Identity tab, enter the required information:
    In City Parking Enforcement, this name appears in Genetec Patroller™ on the overtime rule selection page. In University Parking Enforcement, this name appears appended to the parking lot name on the zone selection page.
    Tip: Choose a name that describes the details of the enforcement scenario. This makes it easier to select it in Genetec Patroller™ when you have more than one available.
    (Optional) Description
    You can add a longer description for the rule. This field does not appear in Genetec Patroller™.
    (Optional) Logical ID
    Enter a Logical ID if applicable.
  3. Click Apply.


The overtime rule appears in a flat list view that displays all the overtime rules on your system. Genetec Patroller™ downloads overtime rules when it connects to Security Center.

After you finish

Configure the overtime rule.