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The following hotlist and permit attributes are created by default in Security Center:

Category (Mandatory)
The name of the parking permit. This field in the permit list’s source text file must match the permit entity name exactly for the entry to be downloaded to Genetec Patroller™. If you have multiple categories in the same source file, you can use the same permit list for different permit entities in your system.

For example, here is a simple permit list with three different permit categories (Students, Faculty, and Maintenance). You can use this same permit list for three different permit entities (a Students permit entity, a Faculty permit entity, and a Maintenance permit entity) Each entity can point to the same source text file. Security Center extracts the license plates (and related information) whose category is the same as the name of the permit entity.

Category field Students QC;DEF228;2012-01-31;2012-05-31;PermitID_1
Faculty QC;345ABG;2012-01-31;2012-07-25;PermitID_2
Maintenance QC;244KVF;2012-01-31;2012-03-31;PermitID_3
PlateState (Optional)
Issuing state (or province, or country) of the license plate.
PlateNumber (Mandatory)
The license plate number.
EffectiveDate (Optional)
Date from which the permit on the list is valid.
ExpiryDate (Optional)
Date after which the permit is no longer valid.
PermitID (Optional - Shared permit enforcement, typically University Parking Enforcement and some City enforcement applications)
Used when multiple entries in a permit list share the same permit (for example, car pool permits). Can be used to identify the number of the permit issued to the vehicle whose license plate is identified in PlateNumber. In the case of shared permits, normally up to four separate vehicles would all have the same permit number.

A violation results in a Shared Permit hit in Genetec Patroller™.