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This table lists the default keyboard shortcuts you can use to control task, tiles, and entities on your local workstation. This list is categorized alphabetically by command category.

NOTE: You can change the keyboard shortcuts from the Options dialog box.
Command Description Shortcut
General commands
Apply changes Apply the changes made to your current configuration tab. Ctrl+S
Exit application Close the application. Alt+F4
Full screen Toggle between displaying the application in windows and full screen mode. F11
Go to next page Switch to the next task tab. Ctrl+Tab
Go to previous page Switch to the previous task tab. Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Help Open the online help. F1
Home page Go to the home page. Ctrl+Grave accent ( ` )
Options Open the Options dialog box. Ctrl+O
Select columns Select which columns to show/hide in the report pane. Ctrl+Shift+C
Tile context menu Open the tile context menu for the selected tile in the canvas.
NOTE: This keyboard shortcut cannot be modified from the Options dialog box.
Shift+F10 or Context menu key

Press Tab to cycle through the menu options, and then press Enter.

Camera commands
Add a bookmark Add a bookmark to video in the selected tile (for live video only). B
Add bookmark (all) Add bookmarks to video in all selected tiles (for live video only). Ctrl+Shift+B
Copy statistics of the currently selected video tile Copy the statistics of the selected tile. Ctrl+Shift+X
Show diagnostic timeline Show the timeline of the video stream diagnosis. Ctrl+Shift+T
Show video stream diagnosis Show/hide the video stream diagnosis, where you can troubleshoot your video stream issues. Ctrl+Shift+D
Show video stream statistics on the tile Show/hide the statistics summary of the video in the selected tile. Ctrl+Shift+A
Show video stream status Show/hide the status summary of the video stream connectins and redirections in the selected tile. Ctrl+Shift+R
PTZ commands
Go to preset Jump to a PTZ preset you select. <PTZ preset>+Shift+Insert
Pan left Pan the PTZ camera image to the left. Left arrow
Pan right Pan the PTZ camera image to the right. Right arrow
Tilt down Tilt the PTZ camera image down. Down arrow
Tilt up Tilt the PTZ camera image up. Up arrow
Zoom in Zoom in the PTZ camera image. Hold the Plus sign (+)
Zoom out Zoom out the PTZ camera image. Hold the En dash (-) key
Task commands
Rename task Rename the selected task. F2
Save as Save a task under a different name and scope (private or public). Ctrl+T
Save workspace Save the task list so that it is automatically restored the next time you log on to the system with the same user name. Ctrl+Shift+S
Saved tasks Open the public tasks page from the home page. Ctrl+N