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If you are adding a custom ABA card format, you must define the ABA data fields that constitute the card format.

What you should know

ABA field length is measured in characters (4 bits each). The maximum ABA card format length for HID units is 32 characters or 128 bits, though the maximum allowed by the Synergis™ unit is 128 characters or 512 bits.
The order of the ABA fields in the format is important for two reasons:
  • It defines the card format.
  • It corresponds to the order the field values are read from the Credential card data when using the Import tool.


  1. In the Custom card format editor, click Add an item () under the ABA fields section.
  2. Select one of the following ABA field types:
    Specifies a delimiter character, typically used at the beginning or the end of the card format.
    A fixed-length field. The length is specified in characters (4 bits each). The field can contain a fixed value. The field length must be long enough to hold the fixed value.
    A variable length field. You must specify a maximum length (as 4-bit characters) and a delimiter character.
  3. Click OK.
    The field is added in the ABA fields section.