Defining motion detection zones - Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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To define the areas of the video image where motion is meaningful, you can draw motion detection zones, or blocks on the image.


  1. Open the Video task.
  2. Select the camera to configure, and click the Motion detection tab.
  3. Under Motion zone 1, use the following tools to define the motion detection zone:
    Tip: For cameras positioned near a window or door, make sure that the motion detection zone covers that important area.
    • To cover the entire image with motion detection blocks, use the Fill () tool.
    • To draw a group of motion detection blocks, use the Rectangle () tool.
    • To draw single motion detection blocks, use the Pen () tool.
    • To invert the area with motion detection blocks and the area without any selected blocks, use the Invert () tool.
    • To erase all the motion detection blocks in the image, use the Clear all () tool.
    • To erase the motion detection blocks that are not needed, use the Eraser () tool.
  4. To remove the blocks where motion typically occurs so they do not generate false motion reads, click Learning mode ().
    You should only use this option if the video image is displaying what it normally does. If there is usually a lot of motion in the image, but you use the Learning mode in the middle of the night, it is not helpful.
    The affected areas where motion typically occurs are turned off.
  5. If necessary, add additional motion detection zones to the image.
  6. Click Apply.