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The enforcement rules that you use, and how you configure them, depend on whether your system is configured for city or university enforcement.

The following table shows you which parking enforcement concepts and features are used with each type of system:

Concept or feature City Parking Enforcement University Parking Enforcement
Enforce permits and overtime simultaneously Yes No
District overtime Yes Yes
Block face overtime Yes Supported but not typically used.
Same position overtime Yes Supported but not typically used.
Multiple violations Yes Yes
Permits Yes Yes1
Permit restrictions No Yes
Shared permits Yes Yes
Parking lots (“zones”) Yes Yes
Wheel imaging Yes2 No
Long term overtime Yes3 No
Hotlist hits Yes Yes

1 Permits must have permit restrictions applied to them in University Parking Enforcement.

2 Used to provide additional evidence that a vehicle has not moved.

3 Requires the City Parking Enforcement with Wheel Imaging option to determine if a parked vehicle has not moved for the duration of the overtime period.