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This section lists the settings found in Elevator configuration tabs, in the Area view task.

Elevator - Floors tab

In the Floors tab, you can configure the physical wiring relationships between the access control unit and the elevator floors, and select cameras used to monitor this elevator in Security Desk.
Preferred unit
Access control unit that manages this elevator cab’s panel.
Elevator cab reader
Reader interface that is used inside the elevator cab.
The available reader settings are:
PIN entry timeout
This sets the entry timeout for the PIN after the card has been read. For example, at the default (5 seconds), you have 5 seconds to enter all the PIN digits.
Use card and PIN
Set to ON to change the reader mode to Card and PIN and use the Schedule drop-down list to select when this mode applies. When not in a scheduled time period, the reader behaves in Card only mode.
Camera that monitors this elevator in Security Desk.
Push button relays and inputs connected to the elevator floor buttons.
Push button relay
Output relays assigned to the different elevator floor buttons. Access granted events cause an output relay to close, which enables the button-push to request a certain floor.
Floor tracking
Inputs assigned to elevator floor buttons. When you assign inputs, Security Center can take note of which floor button was pushed.
Cameras used to monitor the elevator door on each floor.

Elevator - Access tab

In the Access tab, you can configure the access rules applied to each of the elevator floor, and determine when access to the elevator floors is controlled and when free access is available.
Access rules
Select access rules to determine which floor buttons are enabled, when, and for which cardholders. Different access rules can be applied to different floors, or applied to all floors.
Determine if there are any exceptions to the access rule you set.
Select a schedule when the exception applies.
Select which floors the exception applies to.
Select whether access to the elevator floor is free or controlled during the exception schedule.

Elevator - Advanced tab

In the Advanced tab, you can configure the advanced behavior of this elevator.
Grant time
How long the elevator floor button is enabled after an access granted event is generated.
Free access when the output relay is:
Floor access is granted when the access control unit output relay is de-energized. This means that a power loss results in free access to the floor.
Floor access is granted when the access control unit output relay is energized. This mean that a power loss results in floor access being denied.