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You can enable the long PIN (longer than 5 digits) support on HID controllers (legacy and EVO) by changing a configuration file (gconfig) on the servers hosting the Access Manager role.

What you should know

By default, HID controllers only accept PIN numbers up to 5 digit long. You can increase this limit to 8 digits for readers using Card and PIN mode, and to 15 digits for readers using Card or PIN mode.


To enable long PIN support on HID controllers:

  1. Create the VertXConfig.gconfig file with the following content:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <Vertx MaximumPinLength="nn"/>

    where nn is the maximum PIN length in digits.

    If this file already exists, simply add the tag MaximumPinLength=”nn”.

  2. Copy this file to the Security Center installation folder, on all servers hosting the Access Manager role.
    The default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.x\ConfigurationFiles on a 64-bit machine.
    The next time you synchronize a unit (HID controller) with the Access Manager, the unit will accept PIN numbers up to the maximum PIN length. For every PIN credential that is longer than the specified maximum, a warning message will be issued during synchronization, and the PIN will not be synchronized to the unit.

To synchronize a unit:

  1. Connect to Security Center with Config Tool.
  2. Open the Access control task, and select the Roles and units page.
  3. Select a unit (HID controller), select Synchronization, and then click Synchronize now.