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To be able to monitor readers going offline on doors controlled by HID units in Security Desk and Config Tool, you must enable reader supervision on the HID unit in Config Tool and present the HID configuration card to each reader.

Before you begin

Make sure you have at your disposal the HID configuration cards for Wiegand readers. For example, for iCLASS SE readers, the configuration cards would be:
  • SEC9X-CRD-0-043J to enable supervision
  • SEC9X-CRD-0-0000 to disable supervision

What you should know

In Security Desk, you get the Door offline: Device is offline event on a door when one of the readers associated to that door has gone offline.
Tip: The Door offline: Device is offline event is triggered by both unit disconnections and reader disconnections. Therefore, you cannot tell which is which unless you also monitor the access control units. If you have two readers on a door, you must go to Config Tool and check the Peripherals page to find out which reader is offline.


To enable reader supervision on an HID VertX unit:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. Select the HID unit you want to modify and click the Properties tab.
  3. Under the General settings section, select Reader supervision.
    All readers connected to this HID unit must be configured for supervision.
  4. Set the Timeout used to detect that the reader is offline.
    We recommend that you set the timeout value to be at least three times the cycle time of the I'm alive signal (default=10 seconds) configured on the reader.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Configure each physical reader for supervision.
    1. Power cycle the reader.
    2. On power up, when the reader LED is purple, present and hold the HID configuration card to the reader until the reader stops beeping.
    3. Repeat the same process for each reader connected to the HID unit.

To disable reader supervision on an HID VertX unit:

  1. In the unit's Properties page, clear Reader supervision and click Apply.
  2. Disable supervision from each physical reader by presenting the second card.