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To import AutoCAD blocks as map objects, you must first enable the AutoCAD block import feature.

Before you begin

Contact your representative of Genetec Inc. to enable this feature on your system.

What you should know

In AutoCAD, a block is a collection of geometric shapes that are combined into a single named object that you can use repeatedly. Like Security Center entities, AutoCAD blocks can represent real world objects such as cameras, doors, readers, and so on.

If you synchronize an AutoCAD block definition with a Security Center entity type, you can import the block instances as map objects during the map creation process, or after the map is created.

To import an AutoCAD block instance, the block instance name must match an existing Security Center entity name. To import AutoCAD blocks to a geographic map, the block definition must have latitude and longitude attributes.
IMPORTANT: To import door readers, the block instance name must follow the format "DoorName (DoorSide)", where DoorName is the name of the door entity, and DoorSide is the name of the door side where the reader is installed. Door sides are named "In" and "Out" by default in the Hardware page of the door.


  1. In a text editor, open the Lnk.Maps.config file, located in the ConfigurationFiles folder of your Security Center installation folder.
  2. Add the following code to the <Maps> line:
  3. Save the Lnk.Maps.config file, and then restart Config Tool.


A new command, Synchronize entities from AutoCAD, is added to the Map menu of the Map designer task. The next time you create a map from an AutoCAD file, the step, Synchronize entities from AutoCAD (optional), will follow the step Choose your background, in the map creation process.