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The Synergis™ access control system supports many of the entities that are available in Security Center.

Icon Entity Description
Access Manager (role) Role that manages the door controllers in the system.
Access control unit Door controller that a reader is attached to.
Door Physical barrier controlled by an access control unit.
Elevator A single elevator cabin.
Access rule Logic used to determine whether or not to grant access.
Secured area Physical location whose access is controlled by access rules and other access control behavior, such as antipassback, interlock, first-person rule, two-person rule, and so on.
Cardholder Individual who possesses a credential.
Cardholder group Group of cardholders sharing common characteristics.
Credential Claim of identity, such as card, PIN, biometric scan, and so on.
Badge template Custom-designed printing template for user credentials.
Schedule Date and time range.
Partition Group of entities on the system visible only to a group of users.
User Individual who uses Security Centerapplications.
User group Group of users sharing common characteristics.