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Some event-to-actions can be configured so that a second event must be triggered before the alarm that was triggered can be acknowledged. The second event is the acknowledgement condition.

For example, you can configure a Signal lost event to trigger an alarm, and specify that the alarm can only be acknowledged after the Signal recovered event is generated.

The following table lists the event types that gives you the option to configure an acknowledgement condition that must be cleared before the alarm can be acknowledged.

Source event type Entity type Acknowledgement condition
AC fail Access control unit, Intrusion detection unit AC ready
Application lost Roles Application online
Asset offline Asset Asset online
Asset online Asset Asset offline
Battery fail Access control unit, Intrusion detection unit Battery ready
Door closed Door Input (Normal or Active)
Door forced open Door Door closed
  • Input Normal
  • Input Active
Door opened Door Door closed
  • Input Normal
  • Input Active
Door open too long Door Door closed
Hardware tamper Access control unit, Intrusion detection unit, Zone (hardware) Tamper normal
Intrusion detection area alarm activated Intrusion detection area
  • Disarmed (not ready)
  • Disarmed (ready to arm)
  • Master armed
  • Perimeter armed
Intrusion detection area input bypass activated Intrusion detection area Input normal
Intrusion detection unit tamper Intrusion detection unit Tamper normal
Manual station activated Door Manual station normal
  • Input Normal
  • Input Active
Recording problem Camera Recording problem resolved (corresponds to Recording on or Recording off)
Signal lost Camera Signal recovered
Unit lost Access control unit, Intrusion detection unit, ALPR unit, Video unit Unit online
Zone armed / Zone disarmed1 Zone
  • Zone state normal
  • Zone state active

1 Events that are associated with the normal, active, and trouble states of a zone can also be configured with an acknowledgement condition.