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If one of the Directory servers is your preferred choice to be the main server, you can force it to always be the main server whenever it is available.

What you should know

The first server in the Directory servers list is your default main server. When a Directory failover occurs, the next server in line becomes the new main server (). When the first server is back online after a failover, the default behavior is to keep the current server as the main server and not switch back to the first server. This behavior minimizes system disruptions caused by applications having to disconnect and reconnect to the main server. If this is not the behavior you want for your system, you can change it in the Directory servers tab.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the System task, and click the Roles view.
  2. Select the Directory Manager () role, and click the Directory servers tab.
  3. Select a server in the list, and click Up () or Down () to move the Directory servers up or down in the list.
  4. To force the first server in the failover list to be the main server whenever it is available, select Force the first server in the list to be the main server option.
  5. Click Apply.