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Security Center 5.9
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To ensure that all imported maps respect the same scale, you can georeference each map by adding at least three markers with geographic coordinates to the map.

What you should know

IMPORTANT: Georeferencing a map removes all objects that were previously added to the map. Objects need to be added again after you georeference the map.


  1. Open the Map Designer task and select the map that you want to georeference.
  2. Click Map > Calibrate georeferencing.
  3. Click Place marker and click a location on the map.
    A window opens with a second map.
  4. Zoom in and click the same location as the marker you set in the previous step.
    NOTE: If you already know the exact coordinates of the location, you can enter the latitude and longitude in the provided fields.
  5. To accept the pin position, click OK.
  6. Repeat the same process until you have georeferenced at least three positions.
    Tip: Adding additional markers increases the georeferencing accuracy.
  7. In the Map designer toolbar, click Save ().
  8. To verify that georeferencing is enabled on the map, add an object to the map.
    If the Size and position widget shows the latitude and longitude of the object, the map is georeferenced.