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Security Center 5.9
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Global cardholder management (GCM) is used to synchronize cardholders between independent Security Center installations.

GCM allows you to have a central repository of cardholder information for your entire organization, whether this information is managed from a central office or by individual regional offices. The different locations can have their independent installations share information with a centralized human resource management system.

Each local office continues to manage the employees working at their local office, such as maintaining the employee profiles, photo ID’s, credentials, and so on. For employees that need to travel from site to site, that same information can be shared among all sites within the organization.

With global cardholder management, you can do the following:
  • Create global cardholders from a central location (for example, your head office) and synchronize them at remote Security Center systems that operate independently of the central system and of each other.
    NOTE: Unlike cardholders and cardholder groups, visitors and visitor groups are not synchronized between independent Security Center installations.
  • Allow local system administrators to decide which areas global cardholders can or cannot access at their local facilities.
  • Allow local system administrators to make changes to global cardholders and their related entities, and synchronize those changes with other sharing systems.
  • Allow local system administrators to keep exclusive ownership of their local cardholders and related entities, while sharing global cardholders with other systems.