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HID units are equipped with 2 status LEDS; One is labelled Power, and the other is labelled Comm. You can find these LED’s on top of the face plate for V1000’s and V2000’s. For Edge and Edge Plus devices, the LED’s are found on the bottom of the unit.

V1000, V2000 and Edge Reader power & Comm LED’s
LED indicator State Description
Power Off Check input voltage to the unit
Solid red No network activity
Blinking (Red/Off) Network activity
Comm Solid green All interfaces found (eg. V100, V200, V300)
Solid red No interfaces found
Blinking (Red/Green) Some interfaces were found (the duty cycle changes according to the number of interfaces found).
Blinking (Amber/Green) The unit is in “Locate me” mode (somebody clicked the Identity button).

For VertX V1000 units: If the Comm LED indicator is off, update the firmware for the interface (V100) part of the unit.

VertX interface boards (sub-panels) V100, V200, V300
LED indicator State Description
Power Solid red OK
Anything other than solid red Check input voltage
Comm Blinking (Red/Green) RS-485 bus activity
Amber Firmware download in progress

If the Comm LED indicator for an interface board is off, verify the wiring for the RS-485 bus. Then try updating the firmware.