HID VertX V1000 I/O behavior - Security Center 5.9

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The following applies to HID VertX V1000 controller inputs and outputs:

  • By default, the door monitor input is configured as normally closed (NC), and not supervised (no EOL resistors). As a result, if nothing is connected to the door monitor input, the unit emits beeps to signal that the door is open. To correct this, connect the door monitor input to an actual door monitor, or reconfigure the input to normally open (NO).
  • All other inputs are configured as normally open (NO), not supervised (no EOL resistors).
  • It is not recommended to use HID VertX V1000 controller inputs and outputs for special purpose requirements such as:
    • A door: REX, door sensor, door lock
    • Interlock override or lockdown
    • Elevator control floor tracking
    • Door buzzer
    • I/O linking (Hardware zone)
    Instead, you should use the inputs and outputs from the V1000’s sub-panels (V200’s, V300’s) for these purposes.
  • Any unused inputs (including AC Fail, Battery Fail and REX) can be used for other purposes except the Tamper and Door Monitor inputs. These two types of inputs can only be used for their specified purpose.
  • The states of HID output relays cannot be shown in the System status task.