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Hardware zones are controlled by a single access control unit. They can work offline, and can be armed or disarmed using a key switch or on schedule.

Hardware zone - Properties tab

Click the Properties tab to configure the inputs that define this zone, and define how they are evaluated.
Access control unit
Access control unit that controls the hardware zone.
Interface module
Interface module where the inputs are selected from.
Inputs combined to evaluate the zone state.
Logical operator used to combine the input states to evaluate the zone state.
Associated events
Events representing the zone states. Select None if a zone state should be ignored.
Normal state
When the combination of inputs yields a zero (0).
Active state
When the combination of inputs yields a one (1).
Trouble state
Requires to have at least one supervised input. The zone is in the Trouble state when at least one of the input is in the Trouble state. The Trouble state supersedes all other states.
Reactivation threshold
The time period during which the same event should not be re-triggered.

Hardware zone - Arming tab

Click the Arming tab to configure the arming source of your zone and its arming behavior.
Arming source
Select whether the hardware zone is armed by a key switch or on a schedule.
Select the schedule corresponding to the period when the zone is armed.
Input point
Select the input that is wired to the key switch.
Optional delays that give you time to leave the premises after arming the zone, and time to disarm the zone after tripping a sensor.
Arming delay
Duration (mm:ss) you want between the time the zone is armed and the time the event triggers become active.
Entry delay
Duration (mm:ss) you want between the time the entry sensor is tripped and the time the events are triggered. This option allows you to disarm the zone before triggering the output relays.
Countdown buzzer
You can assign an output relay to activate a countdown buzzer to match the arming delay.
Countdown sounder
Select the output relay.
Output behavior
Select the output behavior that defines the signal pattern for the buzzer.