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This section lists the settings found in Hotlist configuration tabs, in the ALPR task.

Hotlist - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can configure the basic properties of the hotlist (hotlist priority, hotlist path, attributes, and so on). These settings tell Security Center how to parse the hotlist file into the format required by the Patroller entity and the ALPR Manager to identify plates read by Sharp units.
Hotlist priority. Zero (0) is the highest priority setting and 100 is the lowest priority setting. If a plate read matches more than one hotlist, the hotlist with the highest priority is displayed first in the list of hotlist matches.
Hotlist path
Path to the hotlist source text file that contains the hotlist data, such as license plate numbers and other related vehicle information. The source text file can be located on the ALPR Manager computer’s local drive (for example, the C drive), or on a network drive that is accessible from the ALPR Manager computer.
Use delimiters
Tells Security Center that the fields in the hotlist file vary in length, and indicates the character used to separate each field in the file. By default, Use delimiters is set to On, and the delimiter specified is a semi-colon (;). If your hotlist file is made up of fixed length fields, set Use delimiters to Off.
Visible in editor
Allow a user to edit the hotlist or permit list using the Hotlist and permit editor task.
Tells Security Center the name and order of the fields (attributes) in the source text file.

Hotlist - Advanced tab

In the Advanced tab, you can configure the advanced properties of the hotlist (the color, sound, download frequency, and so on). These properties are not required for all hotlists, but allow you to customize certain hotlists for specific scenarios.
Assigns a color to a hotlist. When you choose a color, the map symbol that marks the location of the hotlist hit in Security Desk and Genetec Patroller™, as well of the Hotlist Hit and Review Hits screen in Genetec Patroller™, appears in that color.
Use wildcards.
Indicates that the hotlist contains wildcards (partial license plate numbers). You can have a maximum of two wildcard characters (asterisk *) in a PlateNumber. Wildcard hotlists are used in situations where witnesses did not see, or cannot remember a complete license plate number. This allows the officer to potentially intercept vehicles associated with a crime, which otherwise would not have been detected using standard hotlists.
Set the hotlist to a covert hotlist. When you choose this setting, Genetec Patroller™ users are not alerted when a hit occurs. Only users with sufficient privileges can view covert hits in Security Desk.
Email address
Email address that receives a notification when the hotlist you’re configuring generates a hit.
Sound file
The sound that Genetec Patroller™ plays when a hotlist hit occurs. If you leave this field blank, Genetec Patroller™ plays its default sounds. The path (you must include the filename) indicates the file’s location on the Genetec Patroller™ in-vehicle computer.
Override privacy for emails
Bypasses any privacy settings you applied at the Directory level, and sends an email with real ALPR data to the email address you specified for this particular hotlist.
Disable periodic transfer
Turns off periodic transfer of hotlist modifications to the Genetec Patroller™ computer. When this setting is off, hotlist changes are only downloaded to Genetec Patroller™ when the user logs on to the application. This option requires a wireless connection between Genetec Patroller™ and Security Center.
Enable transfer on modification
Transfer hotlist modifications to Genetec Patroller™ as soon as they occur. For example, you can use this option on a hotlist to force Genetec Patroller™ to query for changes more frequently than the periodic transfer period (which applies to all hotlists). This can be useful for Amber alerts because they can be added to a specific hotlist and sent to a Genetec Patroller™ almost immediately. This option requires a continuous wireless connection between Genetec Patroller™ and Security Center.