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You can track your system security and identify potential vulnerabilities in near real time with the Security score dashboard widget.

The security score widget evaluates the local system and measures compliance to the best practices outlined in the Security Center Hardening Guide, such as password strength, use of certificates and encryption, and more. Security scores are automatically recalculated as you configure your system.

Your security score is based on a checklist of hardening tasks that apply to the local system. Each completed entry adds one point. The score only includes entries that can be assessed automatically. Hardening tasks that cannot be evaluated or that are flagged Recommendation only are not included in the security score.

Where possible, the security checklist identifies specific roles or entities that do not follow our best practices. To help you complete hardening tasks that are performed in Config Tool, you can click the direct link to open the associated configuration.

Getting started

The Security score widget is available with Security Desk dashboards. For more information, see About dashboards.

To see the Security score widget and add it to a dashboard, your user account must have the View security widget privilege.

Entries in the security checklist are named after tasks in the Security Center Hardening Guide. For more information on hardening tasks refer to the corresponding topic in that guide.